Diorama room, UIN News Online – To realize the good governance, bureaucratic reform is absolutely necessary in order to change the state civil service officials ASN mindset to become more efficient and successful in carrying out his or her duties.

This was said by the Head of UIN Jakarta AUK bureau Rudi Subiyantoro in his speech during the Independent Assessment of Integrity Zone Development (PMPZI), Self-Assessment, and Bureaucratic Reform Development (UPRB) coordination meeting, Tuesday (10/08/2019) at Diorama room, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

According to Rudi, bureaucratic management must be managed in accordance with the principles of good and professional governance. Rudi also added that there are eight points that must be implemented in carrying out bureaucratic reform.

“The eight points are; bureaucratic structuring, business process management, laws and regulations, apparatus resource management, skills enhancement, performance accountability, public services enhancement, as well as changing mindset and culture set,” said Rudi.

The bureaucratic reform implementation will be carried out by developing an integrity zone, namely the predicate given to government agencies whose all leaders and staff are committed in creating a corruption-free area (WBK) and a clean and serving bureaucracy (WBBM).

The success of bureaucratic reform can be shown by the public or user satisfaction outcomes.  In addition, it also increases the ASN’s professionalism as well as to increase the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs key performance indicator (KPI).

“Therefore, let us realize the spirit of bureaucratic reform on our campus,” he concludes. (usa/ns)

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