Lampung, UIN News Online – To empower and improve the economic resources of the Negara Batin resident, Islamic Guidance and Communication Development (BPI) department students of FIDK UIN Jakarta provide knitting skill training for housewives in Desa Negara Batin, Jabung, East Lampung. Activities followed by dozens of housewives is done at the home of one of the residents, Friday (12/08/2017).

One of BPI Student, Tiara Imelia, to UIN News Online explained that this training is aimed to improve the citizens creativity. “Hopefully with this training, it can increase the skills of the community, and can be earned as a source of income,” she said.

She also added this activity will be conducted periodically, at least twice a week. In this training, residents are equipped to create wallets, brooches and bags made from knitting yarn. “The result of this craft also, will be displayed at the new year exhibition in Jabung field,” she added.

Halimah (52), one of the residents who participated in this training was pleased with the training, she he confessed that she had been working on handicrafts since the last few years. “Sometimes, i make bags from plastic waste. Of course, this new training can increase my knowledge about crafts,” said Halimah.

In contrast to Halimah, Faridah (32) claimed that she never made any craft. She goes to the fields every day and take care of the household, she was comforted by doing knitting activities.

“I am very excited to join this training, because I can do knitting activities in my spare time,” she said. (usa)

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