Lampung, UIN News Online – The low education level of Desa Negara Batin, Jabung, East Lampung residents, called the students of Islamic Guidance and Communication Development (BPI) department of FIDK UIN Jakarta to give motivation and socialization of UIN Jakarta campus profile for students of SMA Negeri 1 Jabung Jum’at, (12/8/2017).

One of BPI student, Ila Munziatul Aulia explains, this activity is intended to change the mindset, give hope, and the spirit of learning for students to continue their study to a higher level. According to Ila, due to the weak economic conditions, most of the villagers educational level is only up to high school level.

“Yet if you think, where there is a will, there is a way. If they have a strong urge to continue their education, they can look for scholarships.” she said to UIN News Online.

“The socialization will provide most information regarding UIN Jakarta as well as well as various information related to scholarship opportunity. By seeing their excitment when participating in the activity, it shows that they actually want to go to college, especially when we turn the UIN Jakarta video profile,” she said.

The students looked very enthusiastically when watching the UIN Jakarta video profile. Dama, a student of class XII IPA expressed his desire to continue his study at UIN Jakarta.

“I really want to continue my study, especially if my campus is in Jakarta,” he said.

Sholehuddin Harahap, final semester student as well as speaker in this activity also confirmed the low level of education in this village. “I believe, we can make this nation become better through education,” said Sholehuddin.

The principal of SMA Negeri 1 Jabung, Nurjaya Rahman fully supports the activities. He hopes that his students can have a strong motivation to continue their education.  This is because he thinks that students are valuable assets that will determine the future of the nation. (usa)

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