SPS, UIN News OnlineNigella Sativa or habbah al-sauda ‘or more popularly known as black cumin seeds, can cure all diseases except death. Healing method through black cumin is recommended by Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This was conveyed by Mukhtar Ikhsan, a Doctoral Program student of Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta during his open Doctoral promotion session at Auditorium SPs UIN Jakarta, Monday, (10/23/2017). He successfully defended his dissertation titled Tibbun Nabawai dalam Pengobatan Modern, kajian Nigella Sativa (Habbah al-Sauda sebagai Anti Inflamasi pada Sel Mast in front of the promoters.

Mukhtar Ikhasn uses research methods for hadith with takhrij, researching matan and sanad. The purpose of this method is to examine the factors that encourage community behavior using Nigella Sativa as anti-inflammatory in mast cells.

“The results of the analysis show that the Prophet Muhammad’s hadith about Nigella Sativa is narrated by many Imam hadith and matan hadith is in accordance with scientific researches in various research centers, and the many people uses the Nigella Sativa method for following the sunna of Prophet Muhammad,” said Mukhtar.

From Mukhtar viewpoints, people have faith before using this black cumin healing method because they are driven by the sunna of the Prophet. In addition to the sunna factor, black cumin is easy to obtain and affordable, and has no side effects.

“Therefore, i can conclude that the Prophet Muhammad’s hadith about Nigella Sativa is valid and relevant to modern medicine,” he said.

According to Mukhtar, the Prophetic Medicine or Thibbun Nabawi is a health and medical system that is relevant to modern pharmaceutical and medical science and needs to be socialized to the pharmaceutical and medical profession as well as health institutions at national and international level. (usa)

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