FPSI, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta is a moderate campus that always uphold, tolerance, peace and mutual respect in midst of pluralism in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Professor from Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) Belgium, Prof Dr Louis-Leon Christians, during his presentation in national seminar entitled Religion and Radicalism” at Zakiah Daradjat theater, the Faculty of Psychology UIN Jakarta, Thursday, (4/13).

“As a Christian, I am very pleased with the warm reception here in UIN Jakarta, I see UIN Jakarta as an Islamic campus that highly appreciates the diversity,” he said.

Based on UIN News Online observation, the event was attended by 150 participants, all of them seemed enthusiastic to follow the seminar by giving some questions to the speakers.

Lecturer from FPSI UIN Jakarta Gazi Saloom when answering the question from one of the participants related to the issue that UIN Jakarta could became a “nest” for terrorist cadre, he answered that the possibility is very low, this is because UIN Jakarta had embedded its students with moderate attitude.

“The majority of UIN Jakarta academicians strongly uphold the teaching of moderates Islam, so Islam will become a religion that Rahmatan Lil Alamin (a religion that brings grace and prosperity to the entire universe),” said Saloom.

At the same place, Louis-Leone answered one of the question from the student of post graduate school (SPs) UIN Jakarta related to religious policy in Europe, especially about the use of Hijab.

“In the European contexts, Europe seeks to uphold the right and freedom of expression, but on the other hand a certain religious stigma is still strong. Perhaps, this where the proportion of fairness as well as the psychologist’s role could contribute in reviewing some policies,” he replied.

He also added, as far as he sees, Indonesia is considered as a safe space for freedom of expression. “There will be a further research about it, along with my colleagues from UIN Jakarta,” he said. (usa)

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