Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online— National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT) appoint five assessors who will assess UIN Jakarta. The information was obtained from the notification letter received by UIN NEWS Online, Monday (02/12/2018).

The letter said, based on BAN PT Executive Board meeting about the result of the sufficiency assessment, Syarif Hidayatullah State University Islamic University is passed to the field assessment stage, and the assessor team of BAN PT will perform its duty from Thursday-Saturday (02/22-24/2018).

Still from the same source, the implementation of the assessment refers to the decision of BAN PT No. 009 / BAN-PT / SK / Code of Conduct / V / 2007 dated May 16, 2007 concerning BAN PT Code of Conduct. Then, KPK Regulation No. 02 of 2014 on Guidelines for Reporting and Stipulation of Gratification Status.

There are five assessors who will come to UIN Jakarta. They are Prof. Dr. Ing Mulyadi Bur (University of Andalas), Prof. Dr. Made Sudarma SE MM (Brawijaya University), Prof. Dr. Purwanto Apt (Airlangga University), then Dr. Ahmad Yani Anshori MAg (UIN Sunan Kalijaga), and Dr Sugeng Listyo Prabowo MAg (UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim).

Separately, the Head of Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) UIN Jakarta Dr Sururin to UIN NEWS Online said, it takes cooperation and support from all UIN Jakarta academic community in order to succeed the implementation of AIPT 2018.

“We hope the cooperation and support of all UIN Jakarta academic community to succeed the implementation of AIPT 2018 which will be executed in a few days. Of course, the success of this activity, cannot be separated from the participation and contribution of various parties. “Let us succeed this activity for the sake of our beloved institution,” said Sururin. (usa)

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