azyumardi-azraCiputat, UIN NEWS Online—Professor and Rector of UIN Jakarta on 1998-2006, Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, CBE, MA, M.Phil, receive an Achmad Bakrie Award 2015. He receives the award based on his commitment and intellectual dedication on social thoughts.

The award was given directly by Bakrie family on the awarding night of PAB XIII/2015 in Jakarta Theatre, Friday (21/08/2015). Achmad Bakrie Award was held by Achmad Bakrie Foundation in cooperation with Freedom Institute and Viva Group.

Chairman of OC PAB XIII, Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie said, Azra received the award along with the fifth other scholars. The fifth namely, Ahmad Tohari in the field of literature, Kaharuddin Djenod in the field of technology, Suryadi Ismadhi in the field of Science, Tigor Silaban in the field of medicine/health, and Suharyo Sumowidagdo as an outstanding young scientist.

“Achmad Bakrie Award is dedicated to encourage the youth generations of Indonesia so they will keep trying to produce great ideas and achievements for the advancement of Indonesia.” said Anindra.

Based on the PAB XIII publication, Azra has been chosen because of his scientific commitment in social thoughts by placing history and Islamic as his academic territory. In Azra point of view, history is not only an archival records, because it is also give a critics warning for social dynamic or the changes that tend to happen in the society.

For those who are active in the social thoughts field, Azra hoped they could also contribute by giving an analysis and advices for public policy which could be adopted by the government. Furthermore, social thoughts also expected could develop the pattern of moderate Islam Indonesia.

Mean while, the Advisory Committee of Judges, Rizal Mallarangeng said, an award given to Azra and five other scholarsis done through a series of lengthy nomination. The next candidate selected by a panel of independent judges who come from universities, research and assessment institutions, associations and professional community, journalists, and other non-governmentalagencies.

“The name of Judges Panel has been kept as secret. Since the beginning, PAB refers to the Nobel Award patterns,” he said.

PAB Award 2015 is an umpteenth awards that has been received by Azra for this year. Before this, Azra received an award as Dedicated Intellectual Kompas 2015 along with four other scholars namely, Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo, Yudi Latif, A Prasetyantoko, and Yonky Karman. This award was given to Azra for his dedication as a productive writer in Kompas. (TAM/LRF/ZM)

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