Rectorate, UIN News Online – Cleanliness is a half of faith. This inspired the UIN Jakarta’s AUK Bureau Chief Kastolan to hold clean Friday movement at the Rectorate building and garden, Friday (10/09/2020). In this activity, the bureau chief, along with all of AUK bureau staffs are working hand in hand to clean up the area.

“Cleanliness is something that must be attached to each of the academic community of UIN Jakarta. If our campus is clean, the academic community will feel more comfortable and productive,” he said.

Kastolan also added that keeping the campus environment clean and healthy is very important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which required the environment, facilities and infrastructure to be always clean.

“We must maintain healthy lifestyle, especially during a pandemic. If our bodies and our environment are healthy, Insha Allay, we will be immune and protected from various diseases,” said Kastolan.

Kastolan also encouraged all academic community of UIN Jakarta to participate in the movement

“This activity is planned to be held every two weeks, hopefully the same activity will also be carried out by all faculties at UIN Jakarta,” he concluded. (usa/ns)

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