AUK Bureau Meeting Room, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta Employees Must Have 5 Good Characteristics, these 5 characteristics are Integrity, professionality, responsibility, creativity, and can be a good example for his/her colleagues.

This was conveyed by AUK Bureau Chief of UIN Jakarta Dr H Rudi Subiyantoro MPd when giving speech at the office meeting (RDK), Monday (06/12) at AUK Bureau Meeting Room, Integrated Service Center building UIN Jakarta.

The meeting that brought the theme on “Evaluasi Pelayanan Umum dan Percepatan Pencapaian IKU,” was attended by PK Bureau Chief Drs H Subarja MPd, Section head, sub-section head, as well as all AUK Bureau of UIN Jakarta employees.

Rudi asserted, to realize the five good characteristics, of course, must be through training and habituation. Therefore, Rudi hopes, employees who are under the auspices of BAUK, have the same opportunity to continue to develop themselves through training and education.

“If we want to maximize our services, of course we also have to provide maximum training on how to provide a good service. The employee must be given the opportunity to develop themselves and their skills,” said Rudi.

At the same place, the Head of Planning and Finance Bureau (BPK) Drs H Subarja MPd in his remark said that all units should continue to evaluate their unit performances.

“This is done in order to provide optimal service to the user of this institution. Additionally, we must continue to carry out all our responsibilities properly,” said Barja.

According to Subarja, to optimize the achievement of IKU, then the initial action startng action is to realize the work program that has been planned together as much as possible, there must be a synergistic performance between sections so that IKU achievement can be maximized.

The meeting which started at 15.00 WIB was ended by breaking the fast together as a means to strengthen the silaturrahim among all BAUK employees. (usa)


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