Uni Club, UIN News Online – Becoming a Master of Ceremony (MC) must have professional attitude. Additionaly, professional MC must have the expertise in vocal plays.

This was conveyed by UIN Jakarta AUK Bureau Chief Dr Rudi Subiyantoro during the briefing to the new UIN Jakarta MC candidates at UNI Club, Thursday (8/9/2017). MC training for students is organized by the Sub-division of Publication and Documentation of UIN Jakarta. The goal is to find an MC cadres for every event conducted at UIN Jakarta.

“We hope that some of you will pass the selection and be able to support the ceremonial activities in UIN Jakarta,” said Rudi

According to Rudi, being a professional MC is not easy. It takes time and process, starting from the introduction of voice intonation and as well as the ability to arrange the event. He hopes that the results of this briefing and selection will produce reliable MC, both in Indonesian, English and Arabic.

Moreover, Rudi also confirmed that UIN Jakarta students have many opportunities to develop themselves in various activities of organization and profession. It is positive so that students have soft skills and more confident in their social life.

However, any activity undertaken by students should not leave their main obligation to study. “Their main task is to study. However, it does not mean that you should not develop yourself outside the academic activities,” he added.

The training of MC candidates is attended by 20 participants and will be held every week. Participants come from various departments and faculty at UIN Jakarta and have an average of foreign language proficiency skills. (usa)

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