Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – The strengthening and development of Arabic Language in UIN Jakarta needs to be encouraged. This is very important because UIN Jakarta is characterized as an Islamic university. Therefore, Arabic language should be the identity of UIN Jakarta both in the present and future.

This was conveyed by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr Fadhillah Suralaga during the opening of seminar entitled “Meneguhkan Peran Bahasa Arab sebagai Identitas Pemuda Indonesia”, Monday, (9/26), at Harun Nasution Auditorium, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

According to Fadhillah, Arabic is a language of Al-Quran, and has been used internationally. In addition to English, the international world has started using Arabic and Mandarin as a means to communicate.

“For Muslims, especially among the civitas academica of UIN Jakarta, Arabic language is considered very important. Arabic is also used to study the science that comes from Arab,” said Fadhillah.

Fadhilah herself positively welcomed the Arabic language activities in UIN Jakarta, whether local, regional, or global. It shows that UIN Jakarta, especially Arabic Language Department, is very concerned about the language.

“I am very happy with this kind of activities,” she said.

For information, this seminar is organized by Association of Arabic Language Education Department (HMJ-PBA) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training (FITK). This seminar also presents Dean of FITK Prof Dr Ahmad Thib Raya, Arabic language lecturer Dr Sofyan Lubis and Usman arrumy as the speakers. In addition to the seminar, HMJ PBA also held various Arabic language activities that is packed in Al-Arabiyah lil Funun program. (usa-rs)

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