Rectorate, UIN NEWS online – Entering the fourteenth day since it opened, the number of applicants and entrants entering UIN Jakarta through SPAN PTKIN is still moving up. Even enthusiasts entered the Islamic Banking as of March 14, 2017 at 17:09 pm had penetrated the number 6000.

“The Sharia Banking Study Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business seems to be booming. Until the 14th of March alone the demand reached 6,620 participants. That number will likely continue to move until the SPAN PTKIN closed on March 29, “said Head of Public Relations UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH told UIN NEWS Online, Wednesday (03/14/2018), in his office.

According to Feni, a number of other studies continue to increase to over 1,000 participants. Based on data obtained from the Academic Section, there are at least 19 study programs that have the highest number of applicants from 30 religious programs offered by UIN Jakarta on the route. While the total quota provided for 30 study programs as many as 1860 seats.

Among the top 1,000 participants were Banking Sharia as many as 6,620 participants with 55 seats, followed by Sharia Economics (5,641 participants, 55 seats, Islamic Broadcasting Communication (4,171 participants, 165 seats), Islamic Religious Education (3,277 participants, 68 seats), English Education (3,242 participants, 68 seats), Biology Education (2,774 participants, 50 seats), Islamic Guidance and Counseling (2,415 participants, 55 seats), Education Management (2,960 participants, 50 seats), and Indonesian Language Education (2,368 participants, 68 seats).

The SPAN path of PTKIN is a path of achievement based on the students’ reporting ability from semester 1-4. This path is only open for religious studies in UIN, IAIN, and STAIN throughout Indonesia. For enthusiasts in UIN Jakarta, until this news is written per March 14, 2018, recorded has reached a total of 52,996 participants spread in 30 study programs.

“The registration is not final. We are still monitoring progress until the end of registration period, “said Feni. (usa)

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