Theater Mahmud Yunus, UIN News—A singer and member of Commission X DPR RI F-PAN, Anang Hermansyah, inviting the students the other academics members to participates in supervising the government. Every society has the right and obligation to control all the government policies.

This is delivered by Anang while he became the speaker of national Seminar entitled “Understanding the Meaning of Pancasila, the 1945th Constitution of Republic of Indonesia, the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia and Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika)” in the Theater Mahmud Yunus, FITK, Friday (04/09). The seminar was held by Student Executive Council (DEMA) FITK UIN Jakarta.

“We have a right and obligation in order to participate and becoming an inspector, actor, and contribute positively on the running of the Indonesian government. We can’t only watching and accepting the result,” he said.

Anang added, the role and contribution of the society is awaited. According to him, contribution is a part of nationalism as well as evidence that the people involved in overseeing the government.

 “People have the right to supervise, whether people aspiration has delivered or not, we are ready to be reminded if we (Board of Commission) did mistake, these are all intended for the realization of a just and prosperous nation,” hoped Anang.

On the same occasion, the Dean of FITK, Prof.Dr.ThibRaya, MA,appreciate the organizer of the seminar. According to him, the seminarexpected to be able to generate, motivate, andopen the horizonsof students andparticipants of the seminaraboutthe importanceof building Indonesiatogether.

“(Seminar, red.) is expected capable to be the enlightenment and motivation for students to be more determined on their studies, unyielding, eager to give a positive contribution to the alma mater, and Indonesian people in general. In the next few years, students are the successor to our beloved nation,” he said. (LRF) Translated By : Mahar

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