FITK Theater, UIN News Online – Teachers have a great responsibility in explaining the philosophy and the message contained in Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, the continuity of the understanding and practice of the values contained in both Pancasila and 1984 Constitution must be understood by future educator candidates.

This was conveyed by Member of Commission X (Education, Sports, and History) DPR RI, Anang Hermansyah, during the national seminar entitled “Aktualisasi Nilai-Nilai Pancasila dan UUD 1945 sebagai Nilai Fundamental Bangsa Indonesia” in FITK theater room, Wednesday (12/6/2017). Anang became the sole resource person in the event held by Student Executive Board of FITK and Student Association of PAI Department.

According to Anang, the role of teachers is needed for growth of literacy among the community. Apart from the academic aspect, literacy is also needed on the aspect of being a citizen.  “Teacher is one of the remarkable professions. Teachers should be able to become the leading actors in growing the spirits of Pancasila and the implementation of 1945 Constitution, in order to produce both qualified and brilliant future generations,” he said.

Moreover, Anang also hoped that all FITK UIN Jakarta students which is prepared to become educators to prepare themselves to strengthen the understanding on national literacy aspect. “Actually, any profession has a specific challenge in Indonesia, including the educator profession,” he added.

In the same occasion, Deputy Dean for Cooperation, Students and Alumni Affairs FITK UIN Jakarta Dr. Fauzan MA, in his remarks expressed his appreciation for the presence of Anang who is willing to be a speaker. “Thank you mas Anang for the presence and willingness to become a speaker at FITK UIN Jakarta,” said Fauzan.

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