FAH, UIN News Online – Student Association of Arabic Language and Literature Department (HMJ BSA) Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta held a literary seminar themed “Nadwatul Adab al-Araby” seminar was held at the theater room of Abdul Ghani 5 th floor of Faculty of Adab and Humanities.

The reinforcement reason for the seminar is the full contribution of the Arabic Language and Literature (BSA) committee, which is guided directly by M. Husni Thamrin, MA, (Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature), which has brought together two experts of Arabic literature, Sayyid Walid Al-hadid, native speaker from Jordan who is also the Ambassador of Jordan – Indonesia and also Ali Hasan Bahar, MA, one of the active lecturers of Arabic Language and Literature at the Faculty of Adab and Humanities. “Actually, this literary seminar event is an annual agenda of HMJ BSA whose aim is to increase enthusiasm for Arabic literature especially for all students of Faculty of Adab and Humanities,” said Hermansyah Pratama’s brother as general chairman of HMJ BSA while being interviewed.

In addition, this literary seminar was attended by FAH officials, namely the Dean (Dean, Wadek I, Wadek II and Wadek III) and staff, BSA lecturers and lecturers, as well as several invites from various institutions. According to Rico Andrian, chairman of the organizing committee, he admitted very happy and can be this semeriah. “Which actually attracted the attention of participants in this seminar is the presence of the Jordanian ambassador – Indonesia, whose material delivery also managed to hypnotize the audience with arabic language that is eloquent and beautiful, plus the only speaker is a favorite lecturer of BSA students due to his extensive knowledge, slightly humorous, “.

On the sidelines of the event, Prof. Dr. Sukron Kamil, M.A. The Dean of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities gave a warm welcome and respect for the presence of the Jordanian ambassador – Indonesia, which was attended by all the seminar participants, as it was a rare and valuable moment to see a dubes crowded with all activities, to attend this seminar event, opened the seminar event officially in the middle of his speech before the start of the material.

The seminar started at 14.30 WIB as the opening speaker of Ali Hasan al-Bahar. MA, the two speakers read some Arabic syiir that smelled of love to attract the attention of the participants, the Jordanian ambassador also touched on many of the virtues of Arabic language compared to other languages, the purpose of these virtues is the virtue of Arabic language regardless of religion, but rather pure virtue Arabic, and at the end of his presentation, he read with great deed a beautiful syiir as a closing statement to get a standing ovation from all the seminar participants.

Seminar moderated by Mahbubi (Students of Arabic Language and Literature 4th semester) is also enough to inspire the participants to ask questions. This can be seen from the number of participants who are racing to raise their hands when the moderator opened the question session, but due to the lack of time, the moderator only received two questions. “I am satisfied with my question, and more satisfied again, my question was answered perfectly by the ambassador of Jordan – Indonesia. and a pride for me to be able to communicate directly with native Arabic speakers who are at once an ambassador. “Aghin Khulqi, one of the questioners at the seminar, said.

This literary seminar concludes with the granting of souvenirs from the faculty to the Jordanian embassy represented by Dr. Zubair, M.A (Wadek III of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities) and even more surprisingly, the Jordanian embassy also gives a census to the Faculty of Adab and Humanities. (usa)

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