Syahida Inn, UIN News Online – The National Conference of UIN Alumni Association held at Syahida Inn, Campus II UIN Jakarta on Wednesday-Thursday, (03 / 21-22 / 2018) was a success. Each representative of UIN from all over Indonesia attended and presented their thoughts and ideas regarding the contribution of alumni from various scientific disciplines and alumni professions.

Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada who also attended the event explained that institutional recognition is very important, especially for UIN Jakarta especially for UIN Jakarta which is currently heading towards World Class University. In this case, productivity recognition in conducting research and publication should be further improved.

“We must get recognition from people because of its academic productivity, its intellectualism productivity, its research productivity, and publication,” said Dede.

Furthermore, He further explained that alumni can encourage publication, information and mediation and become part of the recruitment process for other alumni to enter the labor market.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of IKALUIN Ahmad Zacky Siradj said that this conference aims to strengthen the synergies of UIN alumni who take part in all aspects of society. Moreover, UIN alumni not only take part in the field of academy, but also work in the field of entrepreneurship, economy, mass media, art, culture and politics.

In economic terms, many UIN graduates enter the various sectors of the economy, if synergized, it will become a great economic power. “Alumni can also back up the university by trying to develop endowment fund,” he concluded. (usa)

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