FK, UIN News Online – Temporary Head of Karangsetra Puskesmas (community health center) Bandung,  dr Anton Hilman managed to obtain the Bandung Exemplary Doctor award 2018. He participated in several selection stages from August to October 2018. The award was handed over directly to the Deputy Mayor of Bandung, Mr. Yana Mulyana at the 54th HKN event series, Bandung on Sunday, (11/18/2018).

Anton Hilman, who was listed as the first generation alumni of the Faculty of Medicine UIN Jakarta expressed his gratitude for this award. According to Hilman, this award is a mandate for him to provide a better health services to the community.

“I would like to dedicate this award to my parents, family, colleagues, and my lecturers at the FK UIN Jakarta. Hopefully, I can be an example and become a better doctor in the future,” he said.

Hilman also added that this award is a result of his hard work and his dedication to the community. He also hopes that his juniors at the UIN FK can continue his steps to be the best in their respective regions.

“Hopefully this spirit of service can be passed on to fellow students at the FK UIN Jakarta so that someday they can become exemplary doctors throughout Indonesia,” he added. (usa)

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