Depok, UIN NEWS Online – Alumni and Student of Faculty of Psychology UIN Jakarta who are members of Share Yours Community held a charity entitled Langkah Pertama Untuk Rayhan in Palsigunung Social Home, Cimanggis, Depok, Sunday (04/29/2018). Activities are conducted to collect donations for the financing of one orphanage resident, Rayhan.

To UIN Online News, Wednesday (05/02/2018), M. Ikhwan ar-Rasyid said that this activity is based on the awareness of alumni and students of Faculty of Psychology for Rayhan. Known for suffering from malnutrition and have physical limitations in the form of motor problems, hearing and communication, made him difficult to walk.

“To be able to set foot alone, Rayhan need afo shoes and split. That is why we took the initiative to hold this event, “he said.

Ikhwan added that the charity itself is done by collecting donations from a number of sources, both alumni and students of the Faculty of Psychology and the public are intrigued by Rayhan condition. The total funds collected reached Rp 6.5 million.

Besides donation for Rayhan, the remaining funds collected a allocated to basic materials that suit the needs of the orphanage. “Hopefully this can ease Rayhan’s burden by bridging the help of the benefactors to jointly become the future connector of Rayhan, so that he can enjoy his days,” he said.

Responding to the students’ concern, Hj. Kristanti, Head of the Palsigunung Social Home, expressed her gratitude to the donating communities. “Representing my personal, and the foundation, I would like to thank for the supports,” he said.

The orphanage that has been established since 1975 is known to be treating many residents who suffer from a double deficiency, both physical and mental. As an institution that performs such social duties, the orphanage needs a lot of public support. (usa)

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