FITK Building, UIN NEWS Online – In order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Tarbiya and Teaching Science UIN Jakarta, FITK Alumni Association (Altar) is scheduled to hold a national seminar on education. The seminar aims to contribute ideas for the community, especially teachers and educational units that are related to the educational problems in the country.

In meeting board, in Altar FITK, Tuesday (04/05/2017), Chairman of the Altar Nanang Qasim Yusuf or called Naqoy said that the importance of educational seminar due to educational problems that requires a lot of new designs and innovations that education will always be updated . It means  the more developed and civilized of education the more demanding of change and innovation.

“If the administration of education tends to be stagnant in traditional and conventional ways, it is difficult for us to measure the success of learners’ output. That is the reason that every elements involved in the educational world open mind to the changing era that continues to grow today, “he said.

According to the plan, educational seminars will be held on May 24, 2017 in main auditorium of Harun Nasution. One of the themes will talk about the world interpreunership, skilled and creative teachers, teaching methods, and the use of educational technology. The speakers came from diverse backgrounds who give contribution in educational world, as a practitioner, analyst, motivator, and educational technology experts.

“The seminar will also performe the launch of Altar tutoring program and FITK art performances,” said Naqoy.

Meanwhile, Vice Dean FITK for Student Affairs Dr Dauzan said, as an alumni organization, Altar should be able to become a think tank for educational world, particularly the development of education in FITK. It’s because, what ever development matter of educational quality is not FITK responsibility alone as educational and educators institutions (LPTK) but also other organizations have the same concerned with the advancement of education.

“As LPTK, FITK also requires thought from educational experts, individually and institutionally as Altar alumni assosiation,” he said. (usa-im)

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