Manado, UIN News—A number of lecturers of UIN Jakarta earn the award as the best speaker of the 14th speakers from various State Islamic Religious Universities (PTKIN) who earn the same award. The award was given directly by Director of Islamic Higher Education Ministry of Religion, Prof. Dr. Amsal Bakhtiar MA, on the closing ceremony of the 15th International Conference on Islamic Studies(AICIS) in Manado, North Sulawesi, Tuhrsday-Sunday (03-06/9).

One of the award recipients was Dr. Media Zainul Bahri MA, lecturer of the Comparative Religion Department, Faculty of Ushuluddin. Media delivered the paper about Depth Theology and Depth Islam: Abraham Joshua Hesche and Abdurrahman Wahid on Religious Pluralism.

Next, there were Prof. Dr H.M. Atho Mudzhar MSPDand Muhammad Maksum MA. Two lecturers of Faculty of Sharia and Law were rewarded as the best paper with the paper entitled Synergy of Conflict of Laws: The Case of The KHES and the DSN’s Fatwas.

The similar award also gained by the group of lecturers of Faculty of Psychology, Dr. Achmad Syahid MA, Akhmad Baidun M.Si, Ikhwan Luthfi M.Si, and Ima Sri Rahmani Psi M.Si. They presented a paper entitled Psycological Factor on Radicalism of Muslim Student in Islamic Higher Education: Results of a Survey Study.

A paper of lecturer of IPS Department, Faculty of Tabiyah and Teaching Studies, Dr. Ulfah Fajarini M.Si, also has been named as the best paper. On this activity of AICIS, Ulfah presented her paper about Local Wisdom and Propagation: Islamic Acculturation and Local Religion in Indonesia: The Case Studies Seren Taun of Sundanese Wiwitan Religion West Java.

Amsal in his speech expressed a positive appreciation for the lecturers who successfully won the best paper award. “Hopefully this award could be a motivation for the other lecturers in doing research and publication of scientific works of social Islam.

Separately, the Rector, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, also gave a positive appreciation to the lecturers of UIN Jakarta who successfully got an award as the best paper in the annual academic forum of Ministry of Religion. He hoped this achievement could be a trigger either the recipient lecturers or the other lecturers to conduct research and publication of academic works. (LRF)

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