UIN Jakarta Contingent on Pioneer VIII PTKIN in Banda Aceh in arts branch optimisticly will managed to the final round witha chance to win. This is obviously in accordance with various preparations that have been made by the team, both from the participants themselves and their supervisor (official). To find out how much the art branch winning opportunity, the following is interviews from UIN NEWS onlineReporter Nanang Syaikhu from Banda Aceh with member of UIN Jakarta official contingent Dr Ahmad Tholabi Karlie who is also a Vice Dean of General Administration Faculty of Sharia and Law.

As a mentor and official, how do you thinkis the art branch opportunities of this year Pioneer VIII in Banda Aceh and what are preparations that have been made?

In terms of participants motivation, art branch and tahfiz have their own incredible spirit. They practicedtirelesslytill late at night. I,indeed assigned them to review to takrir (repeat) for tahfiz 5 and 10 juz. I tested and trained their takrir results in the afternoon or evening. The recitation (MTQ) team wasassigned to train their reading with murattal to anticipate error (khatha ‘jaly). I emphasized truth of reading, tajwidneatness, fashahah (readingeloquence), but not too emphasize in nagham (song) because it has not been mastered. The voice was also need to be goodthrough adequate rest.

So, how is for the Syahril Qur’an?

For that branch we have also checked two out of three themes that will be displayed, that was unity and tolerance. In general, MSQ team was ready to compete. I feel optimistic with their technical skills and abilities (participants, Red) but as a noteto keep in their mind not to make error onperforming.

That came the same way for the manuscript and decoration calligraphy branch, I have checked it all. They were ready with their ornaments and letters design although there were few mistakes and weaknesses in terms of khatah rules. As for that reason, I asked them to continue reviewing the khatahrules in the remnants timeof pre-musabaqah. But, for the ornament or decorative designaspect was considered adequate enough.

As for Quranic poetry branch, I corrected the contents last night. That was done so that the rhymes not out of the substance of the verse. While at the same time, the intonation, appreciation, and expression need to be good.

For other branches like al-Qur’an musabaqah papers (MMQ) and scientific writing contest (LKTI), how do you think about theiropportunity to win?

Other branches of papers, such as MMQ and LKTI, I have a great optimistic that they also became the winner. Because I myself have reviewed, technically, methodologically, and substancially. I suggested to enriched their contetnt with credible commentaries and reliable tafsir. So, generaly, I made sure to all participants for the MMQ branch to be ready and have a winning mentality and great matching experience.

Now, with those directives and preparations, I analyzed that some of the arts branch competed have a winning oppurtunity. MMQ Branch for male and female category was very likely to enter the final. Similarly, other branches such as MSQ, MTQ, tafiz juz5-10, and the Qur’an rhymes. Even for language debates (Arabic and English) as well as decorative and small script calligraphy, they were all have a great chance for it. Insha Allah UIN Jakarta will collect many gold medals and become the overall champion. Not only from the arts but also from sports and research branch. We wish a Pray forUIN Jakarta contingent to bring home victory. (usa)

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