FEB Building, UIN NEWS Online— Islamic Economics should be the academic excellence for Nationwide  State College of Islamic Religion(PTKIN). Because, Islamic Economics is the science which became the window for the Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) UIN in various region.

It was conveyed by Vice Rector on General Administration Prof Dr Abdul Hamid in his welcoming remarks in Nationwide UIN  Association of Islamic Business Economics Faculty (AFEBIS) at 2nd floor theatre  FEB UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (10/5/2017). Also present at the event, leaders of Nationwide PTKIN.

According to Hamid, Islamic Economics or Sharia Economics should be considered positively in order to further develop for the unity of FEB UIN. “Do not let the Islamic Economics be seen only in public universities,” he said

Hamid regretted that the Shariah Economic and Islamic Banking study program has not been registered as an option in the Joint State University Entrance Selection or SBMPTN.

“On these issues, we are gathered here to make a semi-plenary effort and jointly promote study programs related to Islamic economics,” said the former Dean of UIN Jakarta

Therefore, Hamid hoped that the association forum of FEB PTKIN should be maximized in the academic development of Islamic economics PTKIN program in Indonesia. Known, the Association of Faculty of Islamic Business Economics or AFEBIS who collects FEB PTKIN in Indonesia held a forum meeting with the agenda of scientific and organizational discussion forward. (usa-rs)

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