Psychology Building, BERITA UINOnline— Faculty of Psychology will launch an application called ‘Rumah AKA’ (House of AKA) to improve administration service for its students. Rumah AKA is an online platform offers an easier administration to make letters like recommendation letter and permit.

Ahmadi S.A.P told to Berita UIN Online on Tuesday, April 26th, Rumah AKA is still under finishing process. Besides it would make the job of administrator become more efficient, Rumah AKA is expected to cut off the long process to create the letters.

“We put our best effort to make the letters available one day after the letter was being created”, he said.

To harness Rumah AKA, the students can go directly to In that website, the students can access the service they need and fill the form. For those who study in undergraduate, the form can be send to and post-graduate students can deliver the form to The emails from the students will be perceive based on SOP services. “So for students, they do not need to come and create the letter manually in academic service, they only have to follow the online procedure from,” said Ahmadi.

In order to respond that plan, Agusti Yolanda, a 7th semester student from faculty of psychology hopes that Rumah AKA can be implemented as soon as possible. “i hope that Rumah AKA can fulfill the student needs and make it easier to create the letters”. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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