Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online– Five alumni participants of the Strengthening Program Language Research UIN Jakarta, achieved a scholarship in 2014 LPDP Ministry of Finance to continue their studies in four of Australia’s leading universities. Besides language, the students took a number of other research areas such as economics, diplomacy, and International Relations.

Similarly, the spokesman alumni, Muhammad Fate SSos to UIN NEWS Online, Thursday (06/06/16). Of the five students, one of whom is Muhammad SSos own destiny.

Alumni of the program participants Relations Department International Social and Political Science (international class), pass selection Asia-Pacific studies at the College of Diplomacy, Australian National University (ANU). Fate colleagues from the same departments and faculties, Fikri Fahrul Faiz SSos, also escaped selection for study at the Department of International Security, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney.

“Fikri had first departed Last February,” said Fate.

Two other alumni, Aziz Awaludin SPd and Dian Rahmawati SPd won a scholarship to study in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.

Both undergraduates of the alumni who studied at the English Department, FITK, whom took the lectures on the same campus, Monash University.

Finally, Muhammad Reza Herman SE, alumni from the origin of the Department of Economics and Development Studies Faculty of UIN Jakarta won a Varsity scholarship at the ANU. On this campus, Reza will be studying his Masters at the International and Development Economics faculty.

In addition to several campus students abroad, two alumni of the program participants studying at the campus in the country. Both, Agus Sufyan and Febria Afiah escapes the selection lectures in English Education Masters Program FITK UIN Jakarta.

“Both of them are already in the final period of their graduate studies,” said Fate again.

Wish Program Forwarded Representing fellow alumni, Fate expect strengthening program language and research conducted UIN Jakarta continued, and even strengthened quality and quantity. According to him, despite the more open scholarship opportunities, but also to achieve the level of in the increasingly tight competition.

“Reflecting on the experience, we saw, the preparation is not enough just won a scholarship to improve their language skills. Strengthening insight into the research, including how to write and build the argument is also part of a very critical prepared,” he said.

In addition, he continued, reflect on the traditions carried out by various national universities, their students who earned a scholarship to continue studies to various universities in the world had long prepared. By doing so, the institution or university of their origin has been formally set up with their good side mastery of language, insight, also mentally.

“We think, UIN Jakarta can build the atmosphere thereby better. Because, this is a road that must be taken in the regeneration of the academic institutions through the alumni,” he noted. (Translated by Dzikri/Safee)

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