Psychology Building, UIN NEWS Online— Faculty of Psychology soon launch ‘RumahAKA’ in order to improve the quality of students’ academic administrative services. Amongst the priority services of ‘Rumah Aka’ is targeting the faster arrangement of the documents, and permits than the usual.

Head of Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumi Sub-division Ahmadi S.AP M.Si to UIN NEWS Online, tuesday (26/04), revealing the existence of Rumah Aka is in the process of finalization. In addition to making the task more efficient for the university administration, Rumah Aka is also expected to shorten the arrangement time for students permits and documents.

 “For the documents and permits we will try to make it available the day after the documents were made,” he said.

In utilizing Rumah Aka, students who need services such as official correspondence cover letters or permissions can access directly through the page On this page, students can access the services needed and fill up each service menu.

For students with bachelor program, the form can be emailed to As for the master students, the form can be emailed to The emails sent then will be processed by related sub division according to the standard.

“So the students will not bother to come and create a letter manually in academic, just follow the administrative procedures online through the web rumahaka.psikologi,,” said Ahmadi again.

Responding to the plan, Agusti Yolandari, 8th semester student of the Faculty of Psychology hoped that the service can be immediately applied. “I hope with this Rumah Aka Program can make it easier for students to meet their academic needs,” she hoped. (Reported by Risa Dwi Ratnasari)

Translated by Rany Setyasari

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