Madya Hall, UIN News Online – In order to maintain good relationships with others or with their superiors, students must have good communication skills. This was conveyed by AAKK Bureau Chief of UIN Jakarta Zaenal Arifin as a speaker on Communication Skills Training in the Madya Hall, Wednesday, (04/11/2018). The training that was held by UIN Jakarta’s Student Affairs Department was attended by about 50 scholarship recipient students.

“The ability to communicate is considered very important and can be used as an important asset in building a successful career,” said Zaenal.

According to Zaenal, there are several ways in maintaining the good relationships. First, always be friendly, polite, and fun. Arrogant, selfish, and temperamental attitudes should be avoided as much as possible.

Second, communicating should be done as often as possible even if it is in a simple form, as simple as asking how is he/she doing. talking about honesty, openness and responding to conflicts wisely are also included in how to maintain good relationships. Third, get used to being open. This attitude is indispensable to ensure that nothing is covered up in the relationship.

Fourth, providing assurance in a relationship is considered necessary. For example, by keeping a secret. The assurance may also be in the form of comfort and safety. Fifth, conducting joint activities. By conducting joint activities, it can strengthen a relationship. For example, shopping, or sightseeing.

“In addition, listening to stories about one’s activities can also be another alternative,” he said.

Sixth, we must always think positive. To get a harmonious relationship, explains Zaenal, then the people involved in it should always make the interaction fun and should always have a positive thinking with each other.

And the last, we should improve ourselves in order to make the relationship to be more comfortable, for example, by looking attractive and eye pleasing. (usa)

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