PPG Building, UIN News Online – Students of the Islamic Primary School Education (PGMI) study program, FITK UIN Jakarta holds an advanced basic training course (KMD) in the Bojongsari Teacher Professional Education (PPG) building, Depok, 28-30 June 2019 (indoor) and 4-6 July 2019 (outdoor). The KMD was attended by 85 students and was held in collaboration with the PGMI Study Program and Pusat Pendidikan dan Latihan (Pusdiklat) Gerakan Pramuka Kwartir Cabang Jakarta Selatan.

At the opening of the KMD on Friday (6/28/2019), Secretary of the PGMI Study Program Rahmat Widiyanto said, KMD for PGMI students is mandatory because it is integrated into the lecture system of 2 credits. Besides that KMD is also one of the demands for the implementation of a new curriculum based on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI). In the KKNI curriculum, each student must have a diploma companion certificate (SKPI).

“We want PGMI students to have other skills besides teaching in class, such as being a Scout coach,” he said.

Rahmat also emphasized that PGMI students must take part in KMD activities in order to gain experience, knowledge, and fostering skills, especially as prospective teachers who are required to be more professional in teaching.

“In addition to teaching, teachers are also required to be able to direct students to be more creative,” said Rahmat.

The KMD is held for six days or as many as 72 hours of study. The learning system is delivered with various methods such as playing and creating, both indoor activities (class material) and outdoor (field practice material).

While the scouting material was given by the trainers from the South Jakarta Scout Movement Training Center. KMD activities (class material) were carried out in the PPG FITK Bojongsari building, Depok City, and the camping practice was planned to be held at Bumi Perkemahan Astuti Center, Sawangan, Depok City. (usa)

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