PPIM Building, UIN News Online – Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) UIN Jakarta decided to select 83 papers to be presented at The 2nd Studia Islamika International Conference 2017 which will be held on 8-10 August 2017, at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. The selected papers are submitted by researchers from various institutions of government, research and study centers, and domestic and foreign universities.

Based on the release obtained by UIN News Online, (6/7), after assessing all submitted abstracts, the reviewers decided to select 83 papers to be presented at the conference and have an opportunity to be published in Studia Islamika journal.

Some of the papers presented represent diverse themes, Ali Amin from Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Waseda University Japan, for example, he filed paper entitled Globalized Islam in Japan Religious Practices and Discourses among Indonesian Immigrants in Tokyo. Then, Dewi Satria Elmiana from Queen’s University Belfast United Kingdom wrote Multicultural Citizenship Education in Indonesia: Investigating Teachers’Perceptions in Chinese Christian School.

Furthermore, Gabriel Maximiliano Facal from Institut de recherches Asiatiques France wrote ISIS in Banten: Local Dynamics of a Global Movement. Gullnaz Baig from London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom wrote Contesting Syariat Islam for the Pancasila State.

Previously, the conference invited researchers to present their research on Islam in Southeast Asia in several themes. Among them are Religious Radicalism: Approaches, Trends and Methods; Democracy, Citizenship and Identity; Religious Radicalism and Education; Globalization and Transnational Movements: Southeast Asian Islam and ISIS. The important theme on this topic highlights the aspects of religious radicalism.

Additionally, there are another topics such as Contemporary Islamic Economics and Tourism; Philanthropy and Civil Society; Women, Society and Representation; Social Media and the Contestation of the Public Sphere; Challenges of Urban Life: Food, Culture and Life Style; and The Rise of Islamic Populism? Sectarian Politics in Contemporary Indonesia. (usa)

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