Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online – A total of 6,700 of the 150,000 participants will follow the selection of Islamic religious universities (PTKIN) through the entrance exam (UM) PTKIN which will be held on Tuesday (22/5/2018) tomorrow at UIN Jakarta campus. Selection is held simultaneously in all campus PTKIN (UIN / IAIN / STAIN) throughout Indonesia.

The exam in UIN Jakarta will be held at 07.30 to 13.30 WIB for IPA and IPS. While the IPC group (mixed), selection starts at 07.30 until 14.30 pm. Selection is done through a paper base test (PBT) system or a written test and a computer base test (CBT) or an exam using a computer device.

Preparation of the exam starting today continues to be done by the committee. Preparation includes a briefing of supervisors and installation of exam numbers at each building or test location. There are at least more than 13 point locations that serve as the PBT system selection room. The selection of CBT committee system provides three location points, namely in Integrated Laboratory Center (PLT) building, National Center of Information and Communication Technology (Pustiknas), and Laboratory of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences. The implementation of UMK UM selection involves at least 400 supervisors, both from lecturers and employees.

Based on the records, applicants who chose UIN Jakarta until registration closed on May 8, 2018 reached more than 20,000 participants. The most preferred study program in the first choice is the Islamic Broadcasting Communication as many as 837 participants and the Sharia Economics as many as 823 participants. Then on the second option, the program of interest is Sharia Economics as much as 576 participants. While in the third option, the program of interest is the Banking Syariah as many as 447 participants and Islamic Broadcasting Communication as many as 433 participants.

Head of Administration of Academic, Student Affairs and Cooperation Bureau, Zaenal Arifin at the briefing to the supervisors held at the Auditorium Harun Nasution asked the supervisors to provide the best service. Therefore, good service will give a positive image for UIN Jakarta.

“Serve the participants who come with a smile. Ask where the difficulties and provide the correct information,” he said. (usa-rs)

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