Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online – As many as 60 participants of professional education program of Pharmacist Faculty of Dentistry and Physiology Science (FKIK) Batch IV Academic Year 2017/2018 passed the selection. The list of passed participants is stated in the Rector’s Decree UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Number 553 Year 2017 dated July 31, 2017. While the announcement of the graduation done on August 7, 2017.

Thus the press release of the FKIK Selection Committee for Pharmacy Profession Education received by UIN NEWS Online, Friday (08/11/2017). Participants who passed the results of the selection done in three stages with total participants as many as 136 people. The first and second stages are written test on 15-16 July 2017, while the third stage is an oral test (interview) held on 21 July 2017.

Head of Administration FKIK Drs Rasiin MA to UIN NEWS Online, Friday (11/8/2017), said that the Pharmacist Profession Education is a pharmacy education program to produce pharmacists who have competence and expertise in the field of pharmacy. Requirements of education is taken after the participants follow the undergraduate education of pharmacy (S1).

“Professional education is in the form of providing academic understanding and professional practice experience (experimential learning) which is implemented in various pharmacy service facilities,” he explained.

In addition, this education is also to produce Muslim pharmacists who are competent in carrying out pharmaceutical work. The specific objectives of which are able to provide pharmaceutical services in health facilities, able to apply good and halal pharmaceutical preparation and quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, and have managerial capability in managing pharmaceutical business.

Pharmacist Profession Education takes one year or two semesters. The process of professional education is divided into two specializations, namely pharmaceutical services and industrial pharmacy. The specialization of pharmaceutical services is 36 credits (32 credits of compulsory subject and 4 credits of elective courses), while the pharmacy industry is subjected to 36 credits (34 credits of compulsory subject and 2 credits of elective courses). (usa-rs)

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