Main Auditorium, UIN News online– 500 schools participating in the socialization of School Students Data Base (PDSS) at UIN Jakarta, Friday (29/1). Socialization is intended by the teachers, understanding the terms and the plot to be able to enroll their students through the National Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN), 2016.

“This year there is little difference with last year, school accreditation quotas for the percentage of schools that follow SNMPTN 2016,” presented by the Head of Administrative Bureau of Academic Affairs and Cooperation (AAK) UIN Jakarta Drs H Zaenal Arifin MPdI, when opening the socialization event.

He added that the schools that already have accreditation, has the opportunity to register their students by 75%, of course, without prejudice to any other terms. For schools accredited B, ie by 50%, and accreditation C only had the opportunity to sign SNMPTN 2016 by 20%.

In the same place UIN Jakarta Head of Academic Unit Ir Yarsi Berlianti added, should the schools enroll their students they will have had a number of Parent Schools and the National Student Identification Number (NISN).

“Teachers should be careful when inputting values ​​to PDSS students, and students must verify the value in order to avoid fatal mistakes,”

For reference information SNMPTN 2016 and 2016 PDSS guide, can open the website address or, can also through the website UIN Jakarta in page. (Translated by: Ihsan/Sayed Safee Peters)

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