PLP Building, UIN News Online—50 echelons IIIparticipated in the assessment at Psychological Centre Service (PLP) UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (16/9). The assessment is done as the basics for appropriate staffing placement in the field of expertise of each. The activities which lasted since the morning were opened by Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada, MA.

In his speech, rector appreciate this assessment because it was expected able to choose and sorted the employees which will be placed in accordance with their own expertise. In his opinion, that placement will be a model for UIN Jakarta to give a better educational service.

“Now we have a database of UIN Jakarta employees which used to find out the right position for them, in what position, and where they should be placed. The right man on the right place,” said the Rector.

As information, Decree of the Head of State Personnel Agency (BKN) No. 46A about Guideline of Structural Positions of Civil Servants Competency Standards and Assessment Center Methods mentions that assessment is a model for potential tracking, competency, and interest of civil servants who will be placed in one position.

That model is in harmony with the mandate of UU No. 43 Year 1999, article 17, verse 2 which stated that the appointment of civil servants in a certain position implemented according to the principles of professionalism. Professionalism thus includes aspect of competence, achievement, and rank levels set out in the post, including an objective requirement regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, or class. (LRF/HMN) Translated by: Mahar

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