Rectorate, UIN News Online – A total of 3,465 participants took part in the SPMB Mandiri UIN Jakarta, for the 2019/2020 academic year. The Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacing Sciences is the faculty with the largest number of admissions in 12 study programs offered.

This was announced on Friday (2/8/2019) at 00.00. The announcement is made openly on the page

According to the selection results, as many as 3,465 participants passed. Details of the number of graduations per faculty are the Adab and Humanities Faculty with 5 study programs totaling 342 participants, the Da’wah and Communication Faculty (6 study programs, 631 participants), the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (1 study program, 77 participants), the Faculty of Economics and Business (5 study programs, 347 participants), Faculty of Health Sciences (3 study programs, 144 participants), Faculty of Medicine (1 study program, 48 participants), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (3 study programs, 212 participants), Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences (12 study programs, 636 participants) , Faculty of Science and Technology (8 study programs, 356 participants), Sharia and Law Faculty (6 study programs, 350 participants), and the Faculty of Usuluddin (5 study programs, 232 participants).

The AAKK Bureau Chief of UIN Jakarta Khoiruddin said participants who had passed were asked to re-register online since it was announced until August 9. There are two options that must be done when re-registering.

First, conduct a single tuition (UKT) process by entering supporting data. After completing the UKT process, the results will be announced on August 14. If you already know the nominal amount of tuition to be paid, participants are asked to follow the clarification of UKT supporting data by visiting their respective faculties on August 15-16. Next the participants waited for the results of the UKT clarification on August 19.

“But if you do not want to take part in the UKT clarification process, participants can directly pay tuition fees to the bank according to the known nominal amount,” he said.

Second, participants who are declared to pass but do not want to follow the UKT process, are invited to pay directly to the partner bank. It’s just that in this category, participants will get the amount of tuition payments at level 7 or the highest tuition fee.

“The system and flow are like that. So, for those who do not follow the UKT process, please immediately register and pay the level 7 tuition fees,” he concluded. (usa-ns)

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