Rectorate, NEWS UIN Online – Directorate General of Islamic Education (Pendis) Ministry of Religious Affairs appointed 33 UIN lecturers from a total of 250 reviewers of research lecturers of Islamic Religious Higher Education (PTKI). This appointment is set forth in the Decree of Directorate General of Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin Amin MA Number 1180 of 2018 dated 27 February.

According to a copy of the decree received by NEWS UIN Online, Tuesday (03/06/2018), the research lecturers who are appointed as research reviewers have mandate to provide input, facilitation, and facilitation of research faculty PTKI. “The reviewer has the main task of conducting the selection, guidance and mentoring of research implementation on PTKI, from proposal to research output achievement,” said Kamaruddin.

The 33 lecturers of UIN Jakarta researchers themselves are divided into groups of reviewers based on their field of knowledge, such as Ushuluddin Science, Economics and Business, Islamic Psychology, Sharia and Law Science, Science and Technology, and Medicine and Public Health. For Ushuluddin, Pendis Kemenag appointed Dr. Abdul Muqsith, Dr. Yusuf Rahman and Prof. Dr. Nasaruddin Umar.

For the field of Economics and Business, Pendis Kemenag appointed Dr. Ade Sofyan Mulazid, Dr. Amilin, and Dr. Euis Amalia. In the field of Sharia and Law Sciences, Dr. Ahmad Tholabi, Dr. Asep Saepuddin Jahar, Dr Khamami, and Prof Dr Arskal Salim GP MA, and Dr. Chris Adhiyanto and Dr. Flori Ratna Sari for medical science and public health. (usa)

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