Depok, UIN News Online – Delegations from FITK UIN Jakarta library conducted comparative study visit to Universitas Indonesia (UI) library, Depok, Friday, (11/10/2017). Four delegates led by the Head of FITK Library Lolyta Sari was warmly welcomed by the Head of UI Library Fuad Gani MA and his staff in UI Library meeting room.

“There are three interesting things from this visit,” said Lolyta through her text message in WAG FITK UIN Jakarta after the event.

Lolyta continued, the first is Knowledge Service ATM, Self-service Plagiarism testing, and the last is special space for lecturers and students.

“For UIN Jakarta, all that may only be done by the Central Library, except for the second one which can still be implemented in FITK UIN Jakarta library,” she added.

Therefore, she added, it takes professional human resources who really understand on how to manage the library. In addition, it should be supported with a large budget each year.

“Human resources in the library must understand on how to manage the library itself. UI has a budget of Rp 25 M per year and that includes the development of human resources skills,” she asserts.

From the results of this benchmarking, Lolyta Lolyta plans to forward it to the Central Library of UIN Jakarta.

“For FITK’s own library itself, the space for lecturers should be made more comfortable in order to attract lecturers to utilize the library, and at each lecturer visit, there is a book proposal card that is essentials to support the lecturer learning process,” she advises. (usa)

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