UIN Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online– Throughout 2016, UIN Jakarta will accredit 29 programs spread over a number of faculties. Data collected NEWS http://lpjm.uinjkt.ac.id site UIN, Tuesday (02/02), noting accreditation or re-accreditation includes the extension of the existing accreditations and new accreditation applications.

The details of the 29th-study program to be accredited is, 24 of them are Prodi-old who had to resubmit accreditation. While five new Prodi is to apply for accreditation in advance. Prodi was fifth last Jinayah S1, S1 Siyasah, Agra S1, S2 Islamic Banking and Islamic S2 Broadcast Communications (IBC).

While the study program that must be accredited to the Program S1 Agribusiness Study Program S1 Al-About Al-Syakhsiyah, Program S1 Accounting S1 Arabic Language and Literature, S1 Dirasat Islamiyah, S1 Economic Development, S1 of International Relations and Study Program S1 Library Science.

In addition, S1 Studies of Political Science, S1 Jinayah Siyasah, S1 Management, S1 Management Missionary, S1 Mathematics, S1 Muamalah, S1 Islamic Education, S1 Education, Arabic, S1 Community Development Islam, S1 Comparison of School and Law and Psychology S1 and English Literature study program S1 will also be accredited.

Nine Prodi stated that it will also be accredited is, S1 History and Islamic Civilization, S1 Sociology, S1 Translation, S1 Information Engineering, S2 Islamic Banking (initial accreditation), S1 Agra (initial accreditation), S2 Broadcast Communications Islam (initial accreditation), Program S1 Jinayah (initial accreditation), and the last S1 Siyasah (initial accreditation).

LPM UIN Jakarta noting that the expiry date has not fiks, due to potential differences in data between the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education. To that end, each Prodi hoped to proactively check the accreditation and certification of accreditation and prepare all equipment needed.

Head of Quality Assurance Board (LPM) Dr Sururin MA has said it will support the plan’s accreditation in 2016. “The LPM will appreciate and support the accreditation of 29 study programs, which has been planned at UIN Jakarta. The accreditation process will be pursued, in order to ensure the quality of higher education in UIN Jakarta, “he said.

Previous UIN Jakarta Leadership Meeting in 2016, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr. Dede Rosyada MA ask LPM control the process and increase the accreditation of study programs. According to him, the accreditation required as a basis for ensuring the quality of teaching in the study program.

“We hope that, when the accreditation, is maintained. Accreditation B B. likewise will rise to a still C, so that it will increase its accreditation status (to B, ed.). (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)

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