SPs, UIN News Online – To obtain information on the development of Islamic law in Indonesia,  28 students from the Faculty of Law, Swinburne University, Australia, visit graduate school (SPs) UIN Jakarta on Friday (07/07/2019).

The group, led by Jeremy Kingsley, was received directly by the Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Jamhari Makruf, accompanied by the Head of SPs UIN Jakarta Master’s program JM Muslimin and Professor of Sharia and Law of UIN Jakarta M Atho Mudzhar.

Kingsley in his remarks explained that this was his third visit to Indonesia. In addition to visiting the SPs UIN Jakarta, students also visit the district court, religious court, Supreme Court, Indonesia’s police department, UI and UGM. He also added that the purpose of their arrival is to study about Islamic law that is taught at various Islamic universities in Indonesia.

“They can learn about the different legal perspectives in various countries. That knowledge will be very useful if they later relate to cross-border legal cases,” said Kingsley.

Therefore, said Kingsley, they want Indonesian Muslim scholars who speak about the existence and development of Islamic legal thought, especially in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Professor of Sharia and Law of UIN Jakarta M Atho Mudzhar explained the history of the development of Islamic law in Indonesia.

The students seemed quite enthusiastic about listening to the lecture. Some critical questions were raised by students, especially about whether there was legal adoption taken from religions other than Islam.  (usa)

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