Main Meeting Room, UIN NEWS Online – A total of 25 headmasterss of madrasah aliyah (MA) in Sumenep District, East Java, visited UIN Jakarta campus on Friday (04/18/2018). The group visitation was received at the Main Meeting Room by the Chief of the Academic, Student Affairs and Cooperation Bureau of Zaenal Arifin, the Head of Academic Section Edy Suandi, and the Head of Cooperation Section Zulkifl.

Also present were Head of Sub Division of Publication and Documentation Feni Arifiani, Head of Academic Information Sub Section M Yusuf, Head of Sub Division of Nuriyah Academic Services, and Head of Sub Division of Riniwati Academic Administration.

Head of entourage Saifuddin Qudsi said the purpose of the head of MA to UIN Jakarta besides to stay in touch, is also looking for information regarding the new student admissions and the mechanism of each admission. The information is very meaningful for them to be socialized in their respective schools.

“So far, UIN Jakarta is known as the largest Islamic campus in Indonesia. So, information about UIN Jakarta and its new student admissions mechanism is certainly very valuable, “he said.

He also explained that the group he led was the head of MA in Sumenep Regency. Their schools are of average private status and some are located in boarding school grounds.

Activities involving the heads of the Supreme Court were the first to be held. The main objective is to establish inter-village cooperation and MA heads in Sumanep District.

Head of AAKK Bureau Zaenal Arifin welcomed the visitation from the head of MA to UIN Jakarta. The visit is expected to have a positive impact in socializing information about UIN Jakarta, especially in Sumenep Regency.

However, he said, in the future, the visit is not only done by the head of MA alone but includes the students.

According to Zaenal, UIN Jakarta accepts new students through several selection channels. In addition through the selection of national academic achievements, as well as national and local writing exams.

“UIN Jakarta also open scholarships admissions, such as scholarships for high achievers and public service agencies (BLU),” he said. (usa-rs)

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