Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online – UIN Jakarta has listed a number of important educational and teaching developments (dikjar) in the last three years. Various efforts are expected to be maintained and enhanced so as to support UIN Jakarta’s efforts to become a leading university in contributing roles in the area of ​​science, Islamic and Indonesian Values.

Thus the conclusion of Rector Performance Report UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 2015-2017 quoted UIN NEWS Online, Thursday (18/01/2018).

In the field dikjar, development efforts undertaken UIN Jakarta realized through capacity building programs and skills teachers, accommodation students with disabilities, accreditation program, and accreditation institutions. The other two programs are ASEAN regional accreditation and university ranking improvement.

In the field of capacity building and teaching skills, no less than 300 teachers have been trained through various teaching quality improvement workshops. For example, learning plan workshop, IT-Based Learning Media, Development of Learning Evaluation Instrument, and Research-Based Learning Strategy.

For disabled student accommodation, UIN Jakarta through Faculty of Dakwah and Communication has established Center for Student with Special Need. Related to that, UIN Jakarta is also actively involved in establishing a consensus-friendly disability education with 3 PTKI, 3 Kemenristekdikti Universities, and 3 European universities.

From the accreditation side, from 68 Department at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, 32 Departments them are accredited by A rank (47%) with details of 30 Department for S1, 1 Department for S2 ​​and 1 Department for S3 at graduate school (SPs) accredited bya A. Furthermore, 33 accredited B program (48.5%) with details of 10 Departments for S2 and 22 Departments for S1, and 3 accredited C S2 (4%) because the status is still permit implementation.

As for institution accreditation, UIN Jakarta is now one of the PTKIN accredited A, valid until February 21, 2018. For that, team task force under LPM coordination has uploaded the form into Accreditation System of Higher Education Online. The hope, BAN PT Assessor team immediately conduct visitation.

In terms of regional guarantee, four UIN Jakarta departments have passed ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) certification after passing a series of quality assurance quality assessments. Fourth, Islamic Religious Education, History of Islamic Culture, Dirasat Islamiyah, and Islamic Counseling Guidance.

With the certification, students and lecturers of all four majors who pass AUN-QA have the opportunity to expand their mobility in regional level. Starting from learning activities, work, exchange, research or other academic activities.

As for the university rankings, UIN Jakarta is one of the leading PTKIN in the rank and quite competitive when compared to all national universities. Rank 4ICU, for example, the position of UIN Jakarta is in the order of the top 13 nationally in 2017 or a significant increase from the position to 36 years 2015.

Once Google Scholar Citation is moving positively from the 6th in 2016 to 3rd in July 2017. In the popular ranking, Webometrics, UIN Jakarta also managed to occupy the top 20 of hundreds of national universities.

In addition to these aspects, UIN Jakarta throughout the last three years also continues to register graduates of bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in quite a rising trend. Within three years, UIN Jakarta graduated consistently in the range of 4000 people. By 2015, the number of graduates reaches 4,599 people and 4264 in 2017.

Interestingly, the number of graduate students S2 tends to rise. 2015 only 133, then rose to 143, and increased significantly in 2017 to 606. So did S3 graduate students, fluctuated from 38 in 2015, had dropped to 36 in 2016, and then rose significantly to 61 in 2017. (usa)

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