Rectorate,  UIN NEWS Online-UIN Jakarta succeeded in granted tuition assistance or scholarships worth Rp 13.69 billion so far this year. This scholarship is realized to help 2,208 students. Scholarships are expected to ease the burden of college students in paying their tuition fee.

Based on Data obtained by UIN News Online, Wednesday (08/08/2018), from the 2018, the realization of the scholarship was channeled through nine scholarship types. Among them are Tahfidz al-Quran, PPA, Islamic Studies, Bidikmisi, BLU, Jakarta Scholarship Foundation, KJMU, Karya Salemba Empat, and BUMN.

In terms of the number of recipient students, the 2015-2018 Bidikmisi scholarship is the most targeted scholarship package, which is 669 people, followed by BLU scholarship packages for 557 people, and PPA scholarships of 400 people. Furthermore, there are 366 KJMU scholarships.

Others, scholarships from the Jakarta Scholarship Foundation 113 people, Karya Salemba Empat 62 people, Tahfidz al-Quran 26 people. Furthermore, 11 Islamic Studies scholarships and 4 BUMN scholarships.

In terms of nominal, KJMU Scholarship is the highest scholarship package worth IDR 6.58 billion. Then, the Bidikmisi Scholarship for 2015-2018 was Rp 4.19 billion, followed by the BLU scholarship of Rp 1.15 billion.

Furthermore, the PPA scholarship was Rp. 800 million, the Jakarta Scholarship Foundation scholarship was Rp. 474.6 million, the Karya Salemba scholarship was Rp. 320 million. The rest, the Tahfidz al-Quran scholarship Rp.55.5 million, Islamic Study scholarships Rp.55 million, and BUMN Rp.49.92 million.

When presenting the performance report to the university senate, Tuesday (08/07/2018), Rector said that scholarship is one of the commitments of UIN Jakarta in providing tuition assistance for outstanding students from underprivileged economic backgrounds.

“Although the quantity of the target and its nominal value must continue to be increased, alhamdulillah, throughout 2018, UIN Jakarta managed to disburse a scholarship of Rp. 13.69 billion for 2,208 students,” he explained.

On the other side, Rector hopes scholarship recipients will able to carry out their learning obligations. According to him, scholarships are the best opportunity that not all students can get.

“Therefore, we hope that scholarship recipients can show the highest learning motivation,” he said.

Although the nominal amount of the scholarship this year decreased compared to last year’s total of Rp. 18.86 billion, but compared to last year the nominal amount continued to rise. In 2016, the nominal scholarship for UIN Jakarta students was only IDR 11.25 billion and 2015 was only IDR 3.09 billion. (usa-rs)


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