Bandung, UIN NEWS Online – Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Phil. Kamaruddin Amin MA, asked UIN Jakarta to be one of the universities organizing the 2000 International Student Program 2018. Through this program, students of various countries can study at various Islamic religious colleges, one of them UIN Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Director General of Islamic Education, Prof. Dr. Phil. Kamaruddin Amin MA, as the keynote speaker of Prospect and Direction Discussion of Islamic Religious Higher Education, at Hotel el Royal, Bandung, Monday (22/1/2018). This discussion is a series of Leadership Meeting UIN Jakarta 2018 themed Transforming into A World Class University.

“The Ministry of Religious Affairs has an agenda, where in 2018, we will invite 2000 foreign students to study in Indonesia. And I think, UIN Jakarta can play bigger role  than the others, “he said.

However Kamaruddin has not given certainty how many internatonal students can be allocated to UIN Jakarta. “Hopefully UIN Jakarta can take 100 students. Later I will convey to the Director of Islamic Higher Education (Prof. Dr. Arskal Salim GP MA, ed.), “He added.

The previous Sunday night, Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA stated that the readiness of UIN Jakarta facilitates the learning of new international students. “We are ready (to facilitate the study of international students, ed.) In line with dormitory development for international students this year,” said Rector.

UIN Jakarta, said Rector, in the first half of this year will realize the construction of international student dormitory building on the front field of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The construction of the building is done by financing and construction from the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing.

Rector explained, the capacity of the dormitory building itself is projected to accommodate 248 people. “Hopefully in these weeks it can be obtained when the construction of certainty,” he explained.

In addition to the construction of dormitory buildings, continued Rector, UIN Jakarta is also preparing a bilingual class on each faculty. This class will facilitate the learning process of foreign students studying at UIN Jakarta or UIN Jakarta students who intend to continue their study abroad.

Furthermore, the Rector also requested the International Cooperation Service Center to create a distribution map of origin of foreign students. This is done so that foreign students who study in UIN Jakarta more diverse from various countries.

“That way, I imagine, spread of UIN Jakarta alumni can be wider. Not only in Asian or African countries, but also Europe and even America and Australia,” he explained (usa)

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