Main Auditorium, UIN News Online – Center for community service (PPM) UIN Jakarta provides debriefing to students who will follow the KKN (Student Study Service) program 2018, at Harun Nasution Auditorium, Campus I of UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (04/24/2018). The briefing was given directly by the Head of PPM UIN Jakarta DJaka Badranaya ME. Djaka said that students should be able to create programs that can empower the community.

“The activity will last for 33 days, starting on Friday 20 July, and will end on August 23, 2018. Therefore, you should be able to understand its basic knowledge, such as what to do, how to do and how to prepare the programs,” said Djaka.

Furthermore, Djaka expects KKN participants to prepare themselves either individually or in groups, understand the customs of the local community, and establish good communication with local community leaders.

“One day before the implementation, there should be group representatives who come to the location to ask for permission from the local community and their leaders, analyze the existing issue in the area, keep the good name of our beloved almamater. If you find a crucial problem, do not hesitate to communicate and coordinate with the PPM,” he said.

Djaka also reminded the KKN participants to make documentation, either in the form of photographs or documentaries about their activities during the implementation of KKN. Not only for administration and reporting purposes, the documentation will also serve as reference and evaluation material for the for the next KKN implementation.

For information, of the 200 KKN groups, 100 groups will be dispatched to Bogor regency, while another 100 groups to Kota and Tangerang regency. (usa)

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