sbmptnPR, UIN News Online – The Joint Selection and Entrance to State Universities (SBMPTN) is the selection test made by state universities under the coordination of the central committee with the selection based on the results of the paper based testing or computer based testing, or the combination results between the paper and skill based test of the prospective students.

This is in accordance with the statute number 12 year 2012 on Higher Education, Government Regulation number 4 year 2014 on the implementation of Higher education and Higher Education Management, the Regulation of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education number 126 year 2016 concerning on the undergraduate program new student admissions at state university. This year SBMPTN could be followed by upper secondary school students who graduate in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

When met by UIN News Online, Wednesday, (1/25), sub-division head of publication and documentation of UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH explained that the registration can be conducted online through And the procedure for filling the registration form can be downloaded through on April 4, 2017.

“Online registration for paper based and computer based test can be done on April 11 2017, starts at 08.00 WIB until May 5, 2017, 22.00 WIB. Both PBT and CBT will be conducted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. And the skill based test will be conducted on May 17 or 18, 2017,” said Feni.

He also added that the test will include the Ability and Academic Potential Test (TKPA), Basic Ability Test for Science and Technology (TKD Saintek) which is consisted from Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Phisycs, and Basic Ablity test for Social and Humanities (TKD Soshum) which is consisted from Sociology, History, Geography and Economics. The registration fee will cost Rp. 200.000 (Two hundred thousand rupiahs) for each participant and could be paid through Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, or Bank BTN. The fee that already paid is not refundable.

The test result will be announced on June 13, 2017 starts from 17.00 WIB and can be accessed through (rs)

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