FTIK Building, UIN News Online – 124 student candidates are participating the selection test for the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training (FITK) Master program, for the period of 2016/2017 in the FITK building, from 2nd August until 3rd August 2016. They choose English Education Program (44 candidates), Arabic Education Program (24 candidates), Islamic Religion Education Program (27 candidates), and Islamic Management Education program (33 candidates).

The head of FTIK master program, Dr. Fahriany M.Pd explained that the subject for the selection test consists of Language test (English and Arabic), Academic Potential Test and Oral Examination. “For the language test, we are cooperating with the Language Development Center, while the academic potential test and oral exam will be held at the faculty,” she said.

The applicants come from the various universities in Jabodetabek, Lampung, Medan, Padang, Jambi, Palembang, Bengkulu, Kupang, Bone, Mataram, Makassar, and Sorong.  “Alhamdulillah, the enthusiasm is high.” She added.

The master program in English, Arabic, and Islamic Religion Education has been accredited by BAN-PT with a rating of “B” and valid until 2019, while the Islamic Management Education program had just gained the operational permits through the Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, No. 4504 2015.

The selection test result will be announced on August 10th 2016, and can be accessed through http://magister.fitk.uinjkt.ac.id and http://www.uinjkt.ac.id. (Azkia Muharrom al-Bantani/ika p/umar)

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