PLKI’s Room, BERITA UINOnline– UIN Jakarta is going to send 12 students to study in Australia and South Korea with different schemes namely student exchange, sandwich programme, and short course by this year. Two destination universities are Western Sydney University in Australia and Kyungdong University in South Korea.

Rachmat Baihaky MA, head of international cooperation, told to BERITA UIN Online on Monday, April 25th. “This year, UIN Jakarta intend to send our selected students to study abroad,” said Rachmat.

Among 12 students, there will be six students coming to Western Sydney University (WSU) through sandwich programme and one student will study with student exchange scheme. The rest will be studying in Kyungdong University through shortcourse scheme.

Concern about the funding, WSU will cover all of the expenses for student exchange scheme. Whereas, sandwich programme is fully funded by UIN jakarta. “All of the expenses falling into living allowance, flight ticket, tuition fees and insurance,” said Rachmat. In shortcourse programme, there will be cost-sharing between UIN Jakarta and the participant. UIN Jakarta will cover 100% of the expenses for the students with GPA > 3.51 and 50% for those who have GPA ranging from 3.1-3.49.

Rachmat, the lecturer in department of communication faculty of da’wa and communication, added that sandwich programme and short course are available for all UIN Jakarta’s students. Whereas, student exchange scheme is limited for only certain faculty namely faculty of sharia and law, faculty of adab and humanity, faculty of social and political sciences, and faculty of da’wa and communication.

Student exchange and sandwich programme will start on May-September. “we will arrange with Kyungdong University about shortcourse schedule” said Rachmat.

Sending their best students to study abroad is UIN Jakarta action to give them an international experience, the selected participants is expected to motivate themselves about study activity.

“Moreover, those programmes are kind of a bridge for them to pursue their higher education in overseas,” said Rachmat.

For the selection criteria, basically the students have to show good ability in english, proven by IELTS score more than 6.5 or 89 for TOEFL iBT. The submission deadline is on May, 30th. For further information, students can access to (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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