Main Nasir Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online– Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Research Higher Education) Prof. Mohamad Nasir PhD. Ak. Delivering a scientific oration entitled “University Research: Outcomes Step Achieving Global Reputation” in the Main Auditorium Building Harun Nasution, Sunday (22/05/16). Scientific papers presented in the framework of the 100th graduation UIN Jakarta.

In his speech, Professor of Behavioral Accounting and Management Accounting Diponegoro University, said many competing national universities became research universities. One way into the university is to achieve the status of Higher Education Legal Entity (PTN BH).

“And, UIN Jakarta as one of the largest Islamic universities in Indonesia has the potential to become a research university. One of the stages must surely be the Higher Education Legal Entity (PTN BH) beforehand,” he said.

Changes into PTN BH, he said, allows UIN Jakarta to have greater opportunities to manage and direct the pro-research program. This is in line with efforts to strengthen the capacity of UIN Jakarta mentradisikan academic research with scientific and Islam, publicized in order to achieve world recognition.

“I think UIN Jakarta deserves to be a world-class campus or World Class University (WCU). Only the tradition of research published in national and international journals should be propagated,” he added. (NJS) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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