cisaukTangerang, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta will open new student Admission for 2017/2018 Academic Calendar. The selection process will be conducted through seven enrollment systems.

It was said by Sub-division Head of Academic Services of UIN Jakarta Dra Nuriyah Thahir MM while conducting socialization at SMAN 28 Cisauk, Tangerang, Banten, on Wednesday, (1/11). The event was held to provide information about UIN Jakarta to the 121th grade students who soon will finish their high school.

Nuriyah explained, the enrollment systems for this year won’t be much different from the last year. Among them are Independent Enrollment (UM), Joint Enrollment for Higher Education Entrance (SBMPTN), Enrollment   for   Islamic   Higher   Education   Entrance (UM PTKIN), Academic Achievement Tracing for Islamic Higher Education Entrance (SPAN PTKIN), SPAN SNMPTN, and Other enrollment    types in collaboration with external institutions.

“However, the enrollment system is not yet opened because it is still on preparation process,” said Nuriyah.

According to nuriyah, the selection to become UIN Jakarta student is fairly tight. This was evidenced by the high school graduate who sign up each year, whereas the acceptance quota is nothing more than 6,000 participants.

For one faculty alone, she continued, the comparison ratio can be up to 1:100. It means that each of the participants should be able to beat as many as 100 other participants,” she added.

Even so, Nuriyah still gives hope that prospective students can still compete by choosing many enrollment systems provided by UIN Jakarta.

The socialization in SMAN 28 Cisauk went smoothly, the students enthusiastically asking question about the opportunities for studying in UIN Jakarta. (rs/umar)

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