Ciputat, UIN News Online – Two UIN Jakarta students are sent to Malaysia in order to teach Arabic language in Malaysia through Ittihadu Thalabah Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyah bi Indonesia (ITHLA) Abroad program, at Maahad Tahfidz Ar-Rahmah Terengganu, Malaysia, Sunday-Tuesday (5/21-30).

The two students are Irfan Nur Alfillail and In’amuzzahidin Ali. Irfan is a sixth semester student of Arabic Education Department FITK UIN Jakarta, while Ali is a eighth semester student of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FDI).

Both Irfan and Ali were sent to Malaysia after they passed the selection test along with 13 other National  Islamic Religious College. “After we passed the selection, we also have to attend four days of training in Universitas Darussalam (Unida) Gontor,” said Irfan to UIN News Online.

He also revealed, in Maahad Ar-Rahmah Terengganu, They teach tahfidz classes and holy book classes. The students they teach are divided into two groups based on their age. “10 to 20 for tahfidz class and 20 to 30 for holy book class,” he explained.

During the 10 days, he continue, they delivered a lot of learning materials to the students. Among them are Muhadatsah, Insya,       Arabic speech, and drama in Arabic. “This program aims to nurture their Arabic Language skill,” he said. (usa)