Student Affairs Dept Building, UIN News Online –  To find high achieving students, especially in the field of Quran memorizers, UIN Jakarta offer academic scholarship to prospective students who memorize the Quran (tahfidz). The scholarship is open to all public, madrassas and Islamic boarding school graduates.

This was conveyed by the staff of UIN Jakarta Student Affairs department Farah Nurul Agustina, Monday, (3/30). She said that tahfidz scholarship quota provided for this 2017/2018 academic year will be limited to 46 seats for the entire courses.

“Those who passed the selection test will receive Rp. 3.500.000 during their study in UIN Jakarta,” she said.

According to Farah, the admission for tahfidz scholarship is already opened since March 9th and will be closed in March 24th, 2017, while the selection process will be conducted in March 27-28th, 2017 at their respective faculties.

“In addition to tahfidz certificate (if applicable), the selection will also be based on the participant ability on memorizing the Quran,” she added.

UIN Jakarta provides tahfidz scholarship every year. It aims to obtain a student who has the Quran memorization ability in order to strengthen the image of the institution. Tahfidz scholarship enthusiasts are fairly high. It was evidenced by many Quran memorizers from around the region who want study at UIN Jakarta.

According to Farah, the number of registrants has reached 50 people, and will continue to increase. (rs)

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