Jakarta, UIN News Online –UIN Jakarta held socialization in Madrasa Aliyah (MA)Al-Tsaqafah, Jakarta, on Tuesday (4/18). The socialization is intended to provide the information related to new student’s admission for 2017/2018 academic year.

Present as the speaker in this socialization, Academic Administration and Cooperation (BAAKK) Bureau Chief Drs. H. Zaenal Arifin, M.Pd.I accompanied by Publication and Documentation division staff Luthfy Rijalul Fikri.

During his presentation, Zaenal explained the steps and techniques that need to be taken by the school and the students in order to be able to enroll at State Universities (PTN).

“There are a number of enrollment systems, although some of the enrollment systems are already closed, the self admission selection (Jalur Mandiri) is still open. So, you will be able to register and pursue your education into higher level,” said Zaenal.

Zaenal also added that UIN Jakarta has gained International recognition. UIN Jakarta also established international cooperation with foreign Universities and Institution. Thus, the students can continue their study in foreign universities.

“UIN Jakarta will provide SKPI (Diploma Supplement Certificate) to all Graduates. Do not hesitate to choose UIN Jakarta as the place to continue your study,” he said.

Based on UIN News Online Observation, the students enthusiastically follow this activity. This is evidenced by the number of students who ask questions.

Nurdin Alamsyah, for example, he asked about curriculum and diploma standards in FDI UIN Jakarta. In response, Zaenal gave the answer that the curriculum of FDI UIN Jakarta is equivalent to al Azhar University, Cairo.

“For the diploma certificate, it must be in accordance with Indonesian constitution which requires UIN Jakarta’s version diploma certificate,” he answered.

Other participant, Layla to UIN News Online admitted that she was very happy with this socialization activity. During this time, she just heard information about UIN Jakarta from word of mouth or the teachers who are alumni of UIN Jakarta.

“After getting the information directly from UIN Jakarta’s official, now I realize what I have to do to enroll in the university that I am interested in, especially UIN Jakarta,” she said. (usa)